How do I do this castor oil pack thing?

Let me, The Queen of the Thrones

Dr. Marisol, ND show you how!

Watch the Video above Now. It's EASY. 

"The problem with the packs is that no one knows what they do, they know they are good for you but you don't know why. Until you meet Dr. Marisol, and she shows you how and why they truly are a royal health practice. She passionately shares why it should be a habit you add into your legendary longevity plan!  Get ready to be the best version of you, Dr. Marisol will do this for you."

-- Jamie Bell, Naturopathic Assistant 

Want to learn more?

We have just scraped the surface of how to do a pack. Why not learn from the expert all about how amazing these health promoting packs really are (trust us, it will make you want to do them everyday!) Plus you will learn all the cosmetic and health care tips and recipes you could possibly imagine for castor oil. 

If it hasn't already, castor oil will soon become your go to, first aid and fix everything tool. Just like Windex was for the father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (I'm surprised the dad didn't know about castor oil, as it would have replaced windex in a heart beat!) 

You won't find this wealth of information anywhere, guaranteed. This is coming straight from me, Dr. Marisol, ND Queen of the Thrones, the one who has travelled the world, read almost every book and researched endlessly, the use of this world class oil. 

As an introductory promotion, for a limited time, you can jump in and become an expert too. Dr. Marisol's FIT FOR A QUEEN program, is designed to teach you the ins and outs. You can pick which parts you want to learn as it's divided into 5 easy and convenient modules.

  • My personal and professional experience with the oil.
  • The conventional medical use of castor oil 
  • The cosmetic uses of castor oil 
  • The natural health uses of castor oil 
  • The castor oil pack 

All for the price of an organic healthy and delicious lunch. Transformational information that will change the way you operate and think about your health. Learning about the "practices" that are the game changers. 

So let's do this, it's your time sign up now and get:

1. Fit for A Queen- Castor oil Pack Course for $11, Regular cost of $189
2. No Risk! If you don't like it you've got 30 days to get your money back. 
3. Follow up e-mails that keep you with it, learning and full of bite sized health tips. 

It's now or never people, this limited time offer won't be around for long, take advantage of it, cause it won't disappoint! See you on the other side! 




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