CASTOR OIL PACK-Fit for a Queen!

Fit for a Queen is my flagship online program that teaches you why THE CASTOR OIL PACK IS my favourite royal health practice  This Pack is the ROYAL secret to infinite health. How Do you do it, and what does castor oil do? How to use it for beauty and cosmetic care, It's all within this course.  This module course, will blow your mind and teach you things that you simply won't believe about this anointing, healing, rejuvenating oil, given the name of the "Palm of Christ". 

Own Your Throne

Food can be a secret to achieving Royal Regularity:

This free infographic celebrates the reigning food plate. A key to regularity, just divide those cheeks and conquer. Remember, just because your royal, doesn't mean that your shit don't stink! 

Meet Dr. Marisol, ND

Dr. Marisol, ND  is a world leader in natural medicine.  An expert with a passion for cleansing and gut health, not only, because she has the degree on the wall but more so because she's experienced feeling shitty and figured out the hierarchy on how to get healthy.  She has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars experiencing and experimenting with what works and doesn't and she bestowes this all to you. 

She has been coronated as the Queen of Thrones. Those who have worked with her state "Just do what Dr. Marisol says and you will get better." Others, have experienced her as the resource for pants down honesty delivered in laymans terms, " I know Dr. Marisol delivers the truth". She is the peoples queen and speaks your language. She leads you towards the light with a strong hand, that is supported by compassion, kindness and love. 

For over 15 years, she has been instrumental in the training and education of thousands of health care practitioners worldwide and has helped thousands of patients transition from SHIT SHOW to OWNING their throne. 

With the launch of her first book, OH, SHIT! Dr. Marisol promises to change your life royally by reducing the anxiety and stress that irritates your bowels so you can regain your natural rhythms, improve your digestion and end the irritation once and for all.

Dr. Marisol directs and practices at Sanas Health Practice in Canada, has spearheaded PuraSanas a line of pure and illuminating health supplements,  tools and teas distributed in health food stores, yoga studios,  medical offices and online.  

Her educational conferences and programs help people that feel like frogs turn into their true princes and princesses. She champions them to become their legend. 

Join her in the movement to help you take charge of your kingdom so your life can be legendary.  Help her to achieve her goal of being in 1 billion bathrooms by 2020. We can do it! 

"Dr. Marisol always delivers an amazing presentation, I just can't get enough."

- Community on a Cleanse Participant 

"Dr. Marisol knows where the fallen pieces are and teaches people how to put them back in play."

– Sanas Health Practice, Staff 

Featured Programs

Fit for a Queen- Your Guide to Castor Oil Packs 

This course delves into the depths of the legendary Castor Oil Pack. A tried and true health tool that has withstood the test of time. This is one of Dr. Marisol's favourite health practices, as it helped her to heal on her health journey. You will learn all about the how, why, and what about the use of the infamous castor oil and why you simply can't get away with only putting the oil on your body. Get ready to make your life legendary and to own your throne! 


Royal Flush Cleanse

8 day reboot to get you owning your throne 

Before you kick your throne to the curb, take the 8 day challenge that starts the healing and seals the deal. Learn step-by-step in this video series.


Featured Books

Oh, Shit! 

3 step solution to reduce anxiety and stress so you can regain your natural rhythm, improve digestion, and end IBS


Oh, Shit! articulately engages the reader in the journey to heal irritable bowels. Stress and anxiety being the main triggers for this condition. This book serves as the Holy Grail of resources to help move through this debilitating condition, where you know all too well where every bathroom is to having the freedom of change 

FREE Download of Dr. Marisol's recipe to Make your Bowel Moves MAJESTIC with magnesium :

Less than royal bowel movements? Here's how to flush and move your bowels using magnesium.   Imagine you 30% More Productive (and Energized) overnight! 


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