Castor Oil Packs are Making a Comeback! The #1 Health Practice you Want to Start this New Year.

Castor oil packs are a legendary treatment that dates back to ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Ancient Egyptians and Mediterraneans all used castor oil for its rejuvenating health and beauty aspects. It is even mentioned in the bible as the oil that anoints. The plant has been given the special name of the Palm of Christ. The oil and the packs have been around forever and will forever be a part of natural medicine. Here is why you will want to add them into your daily health practice as soon as possible!



1. Feel Good and Relax - Bring Pleasure - Stimulate Dopamine


Who doesn’t want to be relaxed, feel good and feel pleasure? Like the pleasure you feel after an amazing meal.1


These packs are meant to relax the body. By applying the pack on the body, most commonly the liver area underneath the right ribcage, you stimulate the sensory receptors in the human hairy skin. This sends a message via the somatic-visceral reflexes, the...

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Are you a Hyper Wiper? WTF!!!???!?!

Everytime I get to this question with a patient, I know what they are going to say. "What?! Well I have to wipe a few times to get clean."

Well my friends, that's exactly the issue. Hyper wiping isn't normal. Normal is if you are eating your natural indigenous diet (not the nutrient void McDonalds). For example, think of those people you learn about on the discovery channel who live in isolated tribes in Africa. What happens when they are walking through the field, and suddenly feel the urge to purge? Predicament? I think not, they simply squat and then - plop! No toilet paper? No problem! They don't need it because they leave no sticky mess. They are eating a diet of whole, natural foods that they grow, forage or hunt.

Hyper wiping is a sign of excess mucous in your stools. It could indicate irritation in your gut from a variety of sources. Food sensitivities, overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeasts (known as dysbiosis), or even parasites, as well as environmental toxicants...

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